This one’s for you, Grammy!

I have lovely memories of my beloved Grammy advising me to place soap in my dresser drawers.  She explained the fragrant little bars would infuse their ‘delicate’ perfumes into my clothing, and make everything smell wonderful.  Now I loved my Grammy (VERY much), but her taste in fragrances was… well, Granny-ish.  The little bars were heavily scented with mostly floral notes.  Rose being the scent I most easily recall.  Also, the soaps made 35 years ago when these memories were made, smelled strongly of soap.  Not the delicate bars today that are made to preserve your natural oils… But the kind that would easily strip engine oil off your hubby’s hands.

Despite the fact that I didn’t really like the smell of these soaps, I loaded up my clothing drawers with these little bars as she directed.  Each day I would pull out my clothing one item at a time and hold it to my nose for a BIG inhale.  She was right!  My clothes did smell of those bars!  What a novelty, I thought!  I continued this life lesson for quite a number of years, ignoring the white streaks the bars left on the darker clothing.  Rubbing the fabric together got rid of those.  Too much scent?  Use fewer bars!  Too little?  Double up!

Eventually I found myself growing up, and as a result my wardrobe shifted from a dresser to a closet.  Over time those bars would get old (and linty) and the bars would be thrown away without regard.  Eventually, there were no more bars.

My Grammy is no longer with me.  I miss her terribly.  And you know what?  I miss those fragrant little bars.

I can officially state that my winter blues have been chased away!  We’ve had enough nice weather to push the blues away for another year.

I love watching the spring bulbs coming up in my flowerbeds!  I can see hundreds of green sprouts!